Benexmart ST64 Smart LED Tungsten Lamp E27 Wifi Tuya Filament Bulb with Vintage Amber Glass CCT 2000 5000K Alexa Google Home

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Benexmart ST64 Smart LED Tungsten Lamp Wifi Tuya Filament Bulb with Vintage Amber Glass CCT 2000 5000K Bulb Alexa Google Home


- APP Control: Tuya/Smart LIfe

- Voice Control: Alexa/Google Home

- Ultra-bright Led Design

- Smart LED filament bulb A60 6W: LED retro gold filament bulb , High restore color, High color rendering, Less irritation to eyes

- Free adjustment of filament lamp brightness: Break through the traditional constant brightness, Smart filament lamp can freely adjust the brightness by tuya APP

- Long Service life, high luminous efficiency. - Energy Saving, low heat and lower power consumption: Energy saving than tungsten filament bulb, warmer than normal LED bulb

- Great Reducing carbon emission, environmentally friendly.

- With Vintage incandescent lamp design, it can be easily accepted by common people.

- Being filled with a special gas, heat inside the vaccum treated filament bulb can be effectively ruled out.

- With 360° beam angle, the filament bulb can give out light omnidirectional.

- Adopting IC constant current driver, the filament bulb possesses stable performance and longer life

- Does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements.

- Suitable for Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Commercial,Engineering,Indoor use.


Bulb Type: LED Filament ST64 6W B

ase Type: E27

Input Voltage: AC220V-240V

Input Power: 6W

PF: ≥0.5W

SIZE: ∮64*143mm

GLASS: Amber Beam

Angle: 360°

Life Time: 15000 hrs

Light Sourse: LED

APP: Tuya/ Smart LIfe

Voice control: Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Control way: Wifi Color

Temperature:2000-5000K Luminous

Flux:600lm Level: IP20 Color-Rendering I

ndex:>80 Function:brighter adjustable