Benexmart Tuya Wifi Smart Garden Water Timer Cells Phone Remote Garden Irrigation System Voice control Irrigation Timer Controller

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Method Of Connection

Connect of WIFI

Way Of Control

>Control by SmartLife APP >Control by voice >>Google assistant >>Alexa

Features 1 and 2

>Control it anywhere. >Link to local weather forecast. >>regular watering on sunny days, and pause on rainy days.

Features 3,4 and 5

>Set irrigation timing in APP directly >>Eight time points can be set for watering in one day, and the watering interval can be set up to 30 days. >Can be watered manually >>Take the ON/OFF to watering directly . >Adapt to any bad weather >>The whole machine is waterproof. >>Built-in dehumidification and ventilation to keep the interior dry, and the chip seal design enables the entire machine to operate normally even in high temperature and cold weather.

Features 6 and 7

>Drainage filtration >>Metal mesh is added to the drainage port for drainage filtering to protect plants from pollution by lime and other particles. >Multifunctional connector >> 99% of the taps are available.

Product parameter


>Spraying in garden of Home >Pot drip irrigation >Sprinkl water in flower core >Irrigation in lawn

Multiple Choice

>Multiple suits are available, choose according to your needs