Benexmart Tuya Zigbee Smart Gateway Hub Bridge PIR Door Sensor Temp and Humidity Sensor Gas Detector Home Automation Security Alarm Alexa

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How does the gateway work?

- It is a mini Smart Gateway that Tuya develops. It consists of a highly integrated Wi-fi module, low power-consuming Zigbee module, and PCBA. It can be connected to the Tuya Smart APP for device adding, reset, third-party control, and Zigbee group control, meeting smart home requirements.

Discovery Scenarios:

1. When you open/close the door, the light will be on/off automatically with scenarios setting among. 2. When you get up at night, the light will be on once PIR detect your movement for the linkage of the hub.


1. A Must for All ZigBee Devices: This is a hub that connects to a variety of ZigBee smart Tuya products(like sensors, lights, switches, ect., maximum quantity is 50) and is the bridge, as well as a control center for smart homes, which plays an irreplaceable role for all ZigBee products.
2. Wide Compatibility: Not only Tuya WiFi products, but also ZigBee 3.0 smart products are compatible with the ZigBee gateway hub, allowing you to customize your systems depending on your individual needs and security requirements.
3. Tuya Smart App Remote Control: Adding devices, device reset, third-party control and group control to meet the needs of smart applications, are all
4. Easy to Fit & Setup: The smart gateway hub is designed with absolutely no wiring required and an extremely quick simple WiFi setup, no professional technical skills needed. Mini shape, stylish craft, can be matched with any family style.
5. Stable and Reliable Wireless Networking: WiFi signal covers a wide range of areas that is stable and reliable enough for normal work of any connected devices to the hub.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Application: - Install to your closet/hall/bathroon/living room Get alarm when the humidity is too high in your closet/ hall bedroom,for this you can change the dehumidification box in time

Door & Window Sensor

- Add door window sensor to tuya zigbee gateway ,monitoring your home door & windows status although you are outdoor

PIR Sensor