BenexmartTuya BLE Smart Garden Irrigation Valve Watering Timer Outdoor APP Remote Control Garden Auto Controller Alexa

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- The water input must connect with the Faucet for Running Water. And the water pressure must be higher than 1KG. If water pressure is less than 0.5 KG, water will become smaller.

-Method Of Connection
Connect of BLE

-Way Of Control
Control by SmartLife APP
Control by voice: Google assistant/Alexa

-Features 1 and 2
Control it anywhere.
Link to local weather forecast.
regular watering on sunny days, and pause on rainy days.

-Features 3 and 4
Can be watered manually
Take the ON/OFF to watering directly .

-Adapt to any bad weather
The whole machine is waterproof.
Built-in dehumidification and ventilation to keep the interior dry, and the chip seal design enables the entire machine to operate normally even in high temperature and cold weather.